Electro-Winning Cells​

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Our current suite of Electro-Winning Cells​


The SILVER CELL is an electrowinning cell designed for the treatment of gold/silver electrolyte solutions. Its unique features ensure high recovery efficiency and in situ cleaning. Designed as a single pass cell, it brings added advantages to the metal recovery circuit. The cell can be provided with an integral filtration system that allows the filter cake to go direct to the drying oven with minimum handling.

The SilverCell is a high efficiency unit due to its unique internal configuration and primarily designed for single pass operation.

Cathodes can take a very high weight loading as necessary for high grade silver solutions.

The SILVERCELL is fabricated using SS-316 grade stainless steel with the use of internal vulcanized rubber sections.

Loaded cathodes are conveniently washed in situ, discharging to an integral filter and reducing manual handling and security risk.

The SILVERCELL is designed to fit a single pass recovery flowsheet that provides for a steady discharge of spent electrolyte back to the leach circuit. This avoids the normal surge of spent electrolyte that can disturb cyanide levels in the leach tanks.

Anodes and Cathodes are electrically connected external to the main chamber allowing ease of access and reduced corrosion at the electrical connection.


The GOLDCELL is designed for the treatment of gold electrolyte solutions that plate with a coherent coating that cannot be water washed. As with the SILVERCELL it is a high efficiency unit for single pass application. It has all the advantages of a single pass unit with the added benefit of small cathodes that are easily handled. The cell includes a quick release mechanism for the cathodes and simple removal of the loaded steel wool. No overhead hoist is required.
INQUIP’s products can be supplied individually or as part of a specific recovery circuit, fully engineered as a complete package. The advantage of the engineered package is the inclusion of many technology advances customized to get the most out of the equipment.