retrieve un-leached precious metals

The INCON concentrator is an innovative centrifugal device installed as an add-on to new or existing processing plants. It acts as a policeman at the back-end of the plant, retrieving un-leached precious metals in a concentrate form and stopping them from escaping into the tailings dam. An environmentally friendly gravity system, the INCON is a low-cost investment that can substantially increase metal recovery

innovative high “G” centrifugal device

 The INCON concentrator is an innovative high “G” centrifugal device that provides continuous slurry feed and bowl rotation with batch discharge of concentrate. The discharge frequency is fully variable allowing a wide range of concentrate weights to be produced.

INQUIP’s products can be supplied individually or as part of a specific recovery circuit, fully engineered as a complete package. The advantage of the engineered package is the inclusion of many technology advances customized to get the most out of the equipment.