INDRILL a division of PT. INQUIP MESIN NUSANTARA (INQUIP) is committed to providing cost effective operational drilling capability to future and existing mining and exploration drilling operations


The overall cost of drilling is generally underestimated when calculating the long-term running expenses of mineral projects. Operational departments such as exploration, grade control and blasting work as separate entities without a clear understanding of the combined cost of drilling, which is usually the major cost component. Contractors are appointed because they are perceived as having the expertise, equipment and service capacity.
INDRILL does not substitute the contractor
INDRILL does not substitute the contractor but rather provides advisory services, helping you develop in-house drilling capabilities. We advise on equipment and rig maintenance. We provide ongoing operator training and organize spare parts and consumables for diamond, RC and Blast-hole Drill Rigs.
Reducing drilling costs by more than 50%

INDRILL has proven that establishing in-house drilling is not only more economic in the long term, reducing drilling costs by more than 50%. It also leads to more control, better efficiency and higher-quality results.

InDrill - No Ordinary Drilling Company
The INDRILL inhouse / owner drilling model has been successfully developed and implemented on a number of operational mine sites within Indonesia over a 4 year period. These operations have successfully reduced drilling costs for Wire Line Diamond Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation Exploration Drilling and Reverse Circulation Grade Control Drilling by up to 70% when compared to using contracted services.

INDRILL Drilling Equipment

INDRILL also specialize in the supply of Drill Rigs, Down Hole Drilling Equipment and Consumables

INDRILL Heli-Portable Track Mounted (HTM) Drill Rig

A modular, heli-portable quick assembly crawler mounted exploration system.

PT. Inquip Mesin Nusantara has partnered with a industry leading design and fabrication company to produce the INDRILL HTM, a drill rig with a range of capabilities unlike any other drilling rig available on the market today.

The INDRILL HTM Drill Rig is capable of Wire Line coring using P, H, N and B size coring equipment. The INDRILL HTM is also multi-purpose, with the ability to drill RC, Rotary Air Blast.

0 Kgf
0 rpm
Max Rotation
0 nm
Max Torque
0 Kg
Combined Weight


  • P-WL : 231m
  • H-WL : 345m
  • N-WL : 500m
  • 3″ RC : 80m


    • Wireline coring
    • RC & RAB
    • Alluvial & tailing sampling
  • AIR
    • 400cfm / 250psi compressor
    • Rods and consumables
    • Mud tank


  • 1.4m wide
  • Easily moves between trees
  • Low center of mass
  • 35″ tipping angle
  • Radio remote as standard
  • Recovery winch for treacherous terrain


  • 400kg modules to suit most minesite helicopters
  • Quick assembly, self locating modules
  • Lift points
  • Minimal ground pressure 2.5psi, less than a human foot
INDRILL Down Hole Equipment
Associated with other top manufacturers. All of our steel for tubular parts is from only the best certified foundries with cleanest, most consistent high quality steel, INDRILL also offer a full range of conventional rods and casing in dcdma and metric sizes


INDRILL rods and casing are constructed from high-precision, stress relieved seamless steel tubes. Our wirelines drill rods are available in sizes from A to P and have induction hardened threaded joints to ensure longevity in the often demanding exploration programs run by our customers the world over. INDRILL wireline rods are also available in thin wall or T-thread varieties.

INDRILL also offer a full range of conventional rods and casing in DCDMA and metric sizes.


INDRILL’s wire line coring system is provided in the well-proven latch-spring design as well as an updated positive latch version and is available in both double or triple tube versions. We keep stock of common conventional core barrels and can supply specialized barrels on request.


The INDRILL premium range of coring and open hole drill bits are designed in close collaboration with our customers in the mineral sector to provide longevity while maintaining high penetration rates.

These include:

  • Pcd core and open hole bits for softer geologies
  • Surface series core bits for soft to medium or mixed geologies
  • Impregnated diamond core bits for medium to the hardest geology
  • Casing shoes and reamer shells

InDrill Core Bits

Our impregnated bits are available in a number of profiles to best suit the geological conditions being drilled

INDRILL Heli-Portable Track Mounted (HTM) Drill Rig

INDRILL Heli-Portable Track Mounted (HTM) Drill Rig

INDRILL Heli-Portable Track Mounted (HTM) Drill Rig

INDRILL Heli-Portable Track Mounted (HTM) Drill Rig

INDRILL ENVIRO FLUID products include downhole lubricants, specialty polymers, foams, tool lubricants, blast hole stabilizers, thread compounds. These products are used for diamond drilling, horizontal directional drilling, rotary and percussive drilling.

Benefits derived from these products include improved core recovery, increased production, hole stabilization (blast hole and RC), unsurpassed DTH and tri-cone lubrication.

The cost-saving benefits of extended tool life, simplified fluid systems, efficient core recovery and increased production has created a client base of major mining and drilling companies worldwide.

Owner Drilling

What are the benefits?

Delivery of in-house or owner drilling capability is achieved via on site practical mentoring and implementation of proven systems.

INDRILL will implement and insure the in house drill capability is in place and achieving the desired and agreed cost savings.

At any time in the future should problems arise or drilling costs increase, INDRILL will be able to return to correct the problem or advise.

INDRILL is able to take any perceived risk out of capital equipment purchases, as we have the experience and knowledge to correctly match site drilling requirements with the correct drilling equipment including:

  • Drill rigs
  • Down hole tooling & consumables
  • Down hole instrumentation
Focus on quality rather than quantity, inhouse drilling operation will always be focused on producing better quality samples rather than drilling a large number of meters in order to create larger profits. This is especially noticeable with regards to the following:
  • Core recovery
  • Orientation accuracy
  • Bore hole survey accuracy
  • Safety, the drilling operational safety programs and systems are integrated into the specific sites safety requirements, in turn reducing cost.